May 14th is Mother’s Day. While the unoriginal will flock to the store to purchase all the essentials for their annual thrown-together breakfast-in-bed, we think it’s time to spread your love for mom throughout the whole day. We’ve already done the legwork for you on this one, locating several sweet, spreadable cream cheese dishes to delight the mother in your life.

Buying flowers and gifts is on you. As a cracker company, we have great taste in spreads but less than stellar opinions on perennials.

1. French Quarter Pecan Cheese Spread Recipe


Crunchy and creamy are two of the best words ever invented. Coincidentally, they also best describe this unique combination of cream cheese, brown sugar, Worcestershire, mustard, and pecans. Those ingredients sound like they have no right to be delicious together, but they somehow pull it off beautifully. The pecans are toasted until fragrant, while the cream cheese, onion, and garlic are mixed together. The rest of the ingredients are cooked on medium-low heat until the brown sugar is fully dissolved. Serve warm, or room temperature with CaPeachio’s Natural Butter crackers.

2. Creamy Feta Cheese Spread


What’s better than a one-cheese spread? A two-cheese spread. In this recipe, feta and cream cheese come together in a way that makes you wonder how you could ever have eaten one without the other. The cheeses are blended in a food processor with extra-virgin olive oil, green onions, and pepper. While they are pretty, mom can’t use roses to enjoy this spread. So have a tray of NeJaime’s Multiseed deli style flatbreads on the side.

3. Honey, Apricot, and Almond Goat Cheese Spread


This salty and sweet recipe calls for either goat cheese or cream cheese as the base, which is a decision we’re confident you can make. The brightly colored spread incorporates dried apricots and sticky apricot preserves. Which will really wow the mom in your life who isn’t sure you even know what an apricot is. The cheese and salty almonds balance the sweetness of the fruit and drizzled honey. We recommend you serve this dish with a variety of crackers, so grab the CaPeachio’s assortment pack and celebrate her big day with a party of flavors.

4. Quick and Easy Roasted Red Pepper Cream Cheese Spread


If you do plan on serving breakfast in bed, we suggest trying something other than eggs or bacon this year. This roasted red pepper cream cheese spread has just the right amount of heat and will taste like it took a lot longer to make than it actually did. With only three ingredients, you can feel good about throwing it together bright and early before your annual “I forgot the flowers” morning car ride. Pop the cream cheese, red pepper, and garlic into a blender and you’re ready to go. Make sure you pick up some Mariner Sea Salt Flatbreads on that flower run. You have a long day of spoiling mom ahead of you and don’t want to have to go the store twice.