Chickpeas (neither baby chickens nor peas) are usually best ignored in the cracker and cheese snack world. Unless said legume is mashed up and mixed with other ingredients, creating the tasty cracker-topper better known to the world as hummus.

Unlike time-consuming cheese dips (we still love you, cheese dips), hummus doesn’t need to be kept warm and is convenient to serve at any occasion. Swing by your local Big Y, Whole Foods, or Wegmans to spread the good word of hummus to your friends, family, and party guests. These stores also happen to carry a variety of our crackers, so grab some of those while you’re at it. What a tasty, tasty coincidence.

1. Thai Peanut Hummus


This isn’t your ordinary grocery store hummus. Just like Thai pasta, peanut butter and honey sweeten, while a surprise hit of Sriracha and ginger dazzle the tastebuds. Grind down the peanuts in your food processor, add olive oil and water while blending to get a nice, smooth consistency. There’s a lot going on in this recipe, so use a cracker like our Mariner Biscuit Original Water to complement, but not overpower the spread.

2. Olive Hummus


If you’re like us, you usually pass right on by the olive bowl at the family picnic. However, we are happy to report that snobbery ends today. We’ve been won over by this Olive Hummus recipe, which is perfect for those who love adding small twists to otherwise traditional recipes. The olives are both blended and placed on top, giving the dish a delightful new texture and taste. Pair this Middle Eastern dish with our authentic Armenian recipe Lavasch Crisp Flatbreads. You win this time, olives.

3. Mexican Hummus


Spice up snack time with red hot, south-of-the-border Mexican hummus. Those chickpeas won’t know what hit them when you add in chili powder, cumin, and jalapeños. This spicy hummus is fast to make, and turns any lackluster event into a fiesta for your taste buds. We love to double-up veggie time, so pair with our CaPeachio’s Vegetable Medley crackers. Piñata not included.

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