Halloween is a great excuses to put on a costume, eat lots of food, and throw a party.

Of course, you don’t really need an excuse to eat lots of food in a costume, but Halloween makes it socially acceptable.

1. Spooky Black Bean Hummus

(via blog.fatfreevegan.com)

What makes this black bean hummus so very spooky? Its main ingredient is human souls. Just kidding! It once killed a guy. Also a joke! Probably. Anyway, this dip is somewhere between regular hummus and a Southwestern bean dip, with yogurt adding an extra kick of creaminess. After mixing, use the remaining yogurt to pipe a spiderweb on top of the dip and add a spider made of olives. Or, surprise your guests by using a real spider! Serve with our Mariner Bite-Size Stoned Wheats. They aren’t spooky, just delicious.

2. 7-Layer Pumpkin Taco Dip

(via instructables.com)

The best thing about this pumpkin-smiley face dip is that it’s meant to be cute, not horrifying. Nonetheless, its black, soulless eyes peer deep into your own, begging for death. It also has a layer of avocado between the refried beans and sour cream, which makes it super creamy! Form its face using black olives on top of the shredded cheese. You may start hearing a creepy voice telling you to do something crazy, like burn down your house. Don’t burn down your house. Instead, ignore the voice and serve with our CaPeachio’s Original Water.

3. Puking Pumpkin Artichoke Dip

(via sweetseatstreats.wordpress.com)

This shrunken-head looking puking pumpkin spinach dip is super appetizing! Mix up dried vegetable soup and sour cream with other ingredients, then stuff into your pumpkin and feed it some ipecac. Or, because most pumpkins aren’t sentient (yet), place the “puke” outside of its gaping mouth instead. Eat the dip quickly with our Nejaime’s Lavasch Rosemary Flatbreads, before a soul overtakes the pumpkin and decides it wants the undigested meal back.

Happy Halloween from Venus Wafers!