Whether you’re serving Easter brunch, linner, or plain-old dinner, you’ll find yourself with hungry guests who do not care that your oven doesn’t cook on super speed. To satisfy everyone (and out of your kitchen) we suggest having one or two dishes on hand that’ll keep your ravenous spectators at bay. While we understand the temptation of a simple crudité platter, you may want to avoid giving easily-throwable foods to the unfed masses.

That’s where a nice dip comes in. By the time the smell of your dip reaches the nostrils, your guests will already be half-way sated. Ever try to mollify someone from across the room with the smell of a raw carrot? Not gonna happen.

Mix up these dips to have on-hand to feed the starving horde also known as your friends and family.

1. Hot caramelized onion dip (slow cooker)

(via littlespicejar.com)

Warning, you will drool reading this recipe. To start, onions are caramelized in butter, thyme, and sugar. The onions are added to the flavor-party known as your slow cooker along with cream cheese, sour cream, balsamic, and more sugar. We’re no cheese snobs, but there’s something to be said about melted fancy cheeses. Diced brie is added to the delicious concoction and shredded gruyere is sprinkled on top. If you want a browned, bubbly layer, move over to your broiler for the last 1-2 minutes. Or, finally utilize that blow torch you’d never thought you’d get to use. Just don’t accidentally set fire to anything else, like those crackers you’ll be serving on the side. We suggest CaPeachio’s Original Water Crackers, but we’d say about anything to get you to put down that lit flame.

2. The best slow cooker spicy crab dip

(via thestayathomechef.com)

This recipe features a how-to video, which we’ve watched five times already today. Lump crab meat, cream cheese, and shredded mozzarella combine with the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl…and that’s it. You’re done. Throw that mixed-up goodness into your slow cooker and put your feet up for the next two hours. Or, clean your house for that Easter celebration you’ll be hosting. Either way, this dip is going to make your home smell fantastic. Our Mariner Biscuit Stoned Wheats were practically made for this dish. Ask anyone. Ask your guests. Actually don’t ask your guests. They’re too hungry and will say anything at this point. Just trust us on this.

3. Easter carrot cheese ball

(via yummyhealthyeasy.com)

What’s the best kind of food? Answer: food that’s shaped like other food. Despite its misleadingly healthy name, there are no carrots in this recipe. Shredded cheddar, instead, covers the top layer of a cream cheese, onions, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard mix that’s been molded to look like the orange vegetable. A bundle of parsley is used to represent the stem, but we advise sticking to the creamy goodness underneath. This dip is more kid-themed, so your tinier guests may put on a tiny adorable battle royal to get as much dip as possible on their crackers. Stack some Sea Salt Multigrain Mariner Biscuit flatbreads on a plate and leave the room as quickly as possible.