It’s hot out. Cool down snack time with cottage cheese and cilantro on crackers. Cottage cheese turns the unhealthy into healthy, so you can feel better about snacking during swimsuit season. While cilantro tastes like soap to 4-14% of the population, to most it’s a flavor enhancer. So break out the picnic basket, throw on your sunglasses, and dive into these summertime dips.

1. Guacamole Dip


You wouldn’t think that a guacamole recipe includes cottage cheese, but this one pulls off the combination nicely. So smash up those avocados, break out the cilantro, and hulk out with this lean, mean, and green cracker spread. What’s better than vegetables? More vegetables! Dip our CaPeachio’s Vegetable Medley crackers into this creamy picnic staple. If serving during the evening, spice up the night by adding hot sauce to the dip. ¡Olé!

2. Cilantro Cottage Cheese Dip


This c-filled trip to tasty town seems almost too good to be true. We find black olives are pretty pointless if they aren’t already placed on your fingers in an attempt to make alien hands. So we’re glad they have a job here, adding color and texture to the spread. There’s so much flavor in this recipe, your pairing should be simple to complement. Our light and crisp Mariner Olive Oil & Sea Salt water crackers will make your guests feel cultured while never leaving the comfort of your screened-in porch.

3. Chili Cilantro Homemade Cottage Cheese


This is a homemade cottage cheese recipe in a list of recipes using cottage cheese. It’s cottage cheese inception. The curry and cilantro add a spicy twist that make this cheese the ideal finger food for the adventurous palate. The author recommends trying the cheese with cracked pepper, which we think is a great idea. Grab your nearest cheese knife (or regular knife) and our Mariner Cracked Peppercorn water crackers. Just slice, place, and eat.

4. Mediterranean Dip a.k.a ‘Jajic’


How many more c-words can we fit into this blog post? Probably lots, if we ignore theme and basic grammar. Here’s another c-word for you: cream. You get a double whammy of dairy in this recipe, with both cottage and cream cheese. This simple and refreshing dip is a breeze to whip up and packs well for picnics, hiking adventures, or the walk to your backyard patio set. Just chill for four hours prior to serving, grab a box of our Mariner Bite Size Stoned Wheat crackers, and you’re ready to go.

Happy snacking!